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Therapy you need
from a place you love

Engage in Ohio based therapists from the comfort of your own home through virtual therapy sessions

Meet your Counselors:

Husband and Wife Duo Andrew & Emily Linder are excited to serve you and your mental health needs. 

This is their story: 

Emily was feeling stressed, overworked, and burned out.  Andrew was sick of insurance companies dictating every detail of if and how he could help people.  They wanted a better work life balance, to actually be able to enjoy their time together as a family.  They also wanted to truly and effectively be able to help their clients, without interference. 


After a lot of complaining and a not so gentle wake up call from their own therapist, Calibrations Counseling & Consultation was born.

Emily Andrew Together 1.jpg

Areas We Specialize In

While we are trained to help a variety of issues and generally can help most clients with their struggles there are a few areas that are near and dear to our hearts: 

College Friends

Young Adults

You're just getting started - trying to figure things out and really need someone to understand that, while this is always an exciting and terrifying time, contemporary issues have compounded the pressures and anxieties of transitioning into adulthood. We see your struggle and we want to help you feel prepared for life's challenges.


Chronic Illness

Ok so your body doesn't feel good and now you have to navigate a health system that invalidates the struggle and forgot how to be human. We've been there - let us help.

Fitness Ladies

Women's Issues

You're a mom, and a daughter, and a wife and yet you seem to have no idea who you are. That's where we can help. Those negative thoughts can go and we can help you find you again.

"Growth is uncomfortable because you have never been here before."

Kristin Lohr

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