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Table Top Roll Playing Games (TTRPG) Groups and Individual sessions are here! 

TTRPGs have been around for decades, with Dungeons & Dragons being the most popular one. However, it is only recently that the therapeutic effects of TTRPGs have started gaining recognition. It can be used as a therapeutic tool for socialization, coping skills, self expression, empathy, and many other areas. And yes, we don't just do this in groups, we can also bring this into your individual sessions! All sessions & groups will continue to be online for the time being. Click the button below and send us a message if you are interested or want to join the waitlist!



Tabletop Role-Playing Games (TTRPGs) have been a popular pastime for decades, but recently, they have gained recognition as a form of therapy. TTRPGs involve creating a character, developing a backstory, and collaborating with others to navigate a fictional world. This imaginative exercise can provide numerous therapeutic benefits for players.
Here are some of the possible therapeutic effects of TTRPGs:

  1. Socialization: TTRPGs provide a social outlet for players, especially those who may have difficulty socializing due to social anxiety, shyness, or other factors. TTRPGs offer a low-stakes environment where players can practice social skills, such as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, in a supportive and accepting setting.

  2. Self-Expression: Creating a character in a TTRPG allows players to express themselves in new and imaginative ways. Players can explore different aspects of their personality, values, and interests through their character's traits, motivations, and actions. This can provide a sense of empowerment and agency that may be lacking in their daily life.

  3. Emotional Regulation: TTRPGs can help players develop emotional regulation skills, such as empathy, impulse control, and emotional awareness. Players may encounter challenging situations in the game that require them to regulate their emotions and respond appropriately. This can translate to real-life situations, where players can apply the skills they learned in the game to manage stress, anxiety, or other emotions.

  4. Narrative Therapy: TTRPGs can be a form of narrative therapy, a type of psychotherapy that uses storytelling to help clients process their experiences and emotions. Players can use their character's backstory, experiences, and relationships to explore their own experiences and emotions. This can provide a safe and creative space for players to explore their identity, values, and goals.

  5. Catharsis: TTRPGs can provide a sense of catharsis for players, allowing them to release pent-up emotions or stress in a controlled and safe environment. Players may find catharsis in defeating a challenging enemy, saving a fictional character, or achieving a goal. This can provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that can boost their mood and self-esteem.

It important to note that while TTRPGS have been around for a while, they are still being studied to show their effectiveness in the therapeutic world. Overall based off the known research, TTRPGs can provide numerous therapeutic benefits for players, from socialization to emotional regulation to self-expression.

The Details


  • 10 week program (1 intake session, 9 game session) each being 2 hours long. Program will be based on D&D rules.


The Program includes:​​

  • Access to digital copy of D&D player handbook.

  • Access to digital copy Tasha’s cauldron of Everything book.

  • Free character creations. 

  • Free Campaign journal. 

  • Free set of Dice. 

  • Groups will be maxed out at 4. 


Pricing (Based on a group of 4):

  • $890 (You save $2,110)*

    • $80 per 2 hour session x 9 sessions = $720​

    • $170 for initial evaluation session, character creation & session zero (2 hours)

    • Total $890

*Payment plans are available. Contact us for more information

*Amount saved is based on rate of individual therapy sessions compared to groups. 


  • Do I need to know how to play the game?

    • No! No experience is needed. All you need is a set of dice (Provided), pen/pencil & Paper, and your imagination.​

  • I don't like groups, can I do this in my individual sessions?​

    • Yes! Individual sessions are based on our standard rate which is $150 per session.​

  • Will you take insurance for the groups?​

    • Unfortunately we will not be accepting insurance at this time for our TTRPG groups. Due to TTRPGs still being researched for their effectiveness within therapy, insurance will likely not cover it. ​

  • Will there be a in-person option?​

    • Eventually we would LOVE to be able to play in person but for the time being all groups will be held on our virtual platform.​

  • Can I join in at any time?

    • Unfortunately no. These groups will be considered 'closed' groups meaning that the same members that began the group will end the group together. This is done to increase group camaraderie, trust, and safety.  ​

  • What if I miss a session?​

    • Details on how this will affect in-game play will be covered in the first session. In terms of cost, refunds will be issued on a case by case basis but are NOT guaranteed. Due to the nature of the game, therapeutic principles, and it being a closed group, it is important that you commit to group.

  • If the groups are more than 4 people, will the price change?​

    • Yes, the price will be less per person the more people you have. That being said, more people will lessen the joy and learning of the program. Currently, groups will be maxed out with 4. ​

  • What if the group wants more sessions?​

    • We can extend the group at the current rate ($80 per person, per 2 hour session) but the entire group must consent. ​

  • Is there an age limit?​

    • Yes, currently you must be over 18. These groups are designed for young adults and adults. ​

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